The nougat is a typical culinary product of  Sardinia which varies in its recipe, depending on the area in which is worked. Antique books tell that nougat was born in Pattada (original country of Mario and Alexandra), while today the authorship of the product is attributed to craftsmen of Tonara. The peculiarity of the Sardinian Nougat, which differentiates it from that produced in the rest of Italy and the world, is the intense aroma, softness (and at the same time the crispness), and ivory. These characteristics are due to the fact that in its recipe is not expected to use sugar but only  honey to mix at albumen of eggs. After that, after a few hours, reaches a perfect unique blend with  ingredients of taste to produce.

The excellent result obtained is due to the use of natural and local ingredients , together with a passion for their work, make that the nougat produced by Mario and Alessandra is an unmistakable soft and delicate taste and make it unique among many.